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Who? How? What? Why?

I have a two year old daughter, and I found it difficult to source the kind of clothes I wanted for her, and for myself. After a visit to an eco-kid’s clothing store in Germany, I was all stocked up and 100% hooked on beautiful, natural, wool, silk and organic cotton products. The clothing received a lot of admiration when we returned home and I wished to make them more accessible to the Irish market.

What I was looking for, and what I found, was firstly quality of fabrics - preferring natural over man-made, organic over non-organic, but what was equally important for me was HOW the clothing was made - where, by whom and under what conditions? What is the general feeling or mood that they create? What colours are used? Are they soft and calming? Or loud and busy?

The main fabrics in our clothing selections are biologically farmed wool, organic cotton, silk and linen. Recycled polyamides are used for some essential waterproofs along with micro amounts of elastane in some socks and bodies.

I am inspired by the teachings of Rudolf Steiner and after reading some of his recommendations, I decided to stock predominantly his suggested colour palette for the 0-7 age group, along with some additions of light earthy colours.

My wish is to provide a versatile range of un-printed baby and toddler clothing in pastels, pale-earthy and bright sunny colours, with the hope to support babies and young children's sensitivities and to assist their systems to feel calm in a highly stimulated world. 

It is my belief, and the belief of many whom I respect and follow on this magical parenting journey, that whatever we can do to tone things down, simplify, and keep things as close to nature as possible, the better it will be for our children’s well-being, for our well-being, and of course for the well-being of our planet.

Organic Life Clothing’s goal is to support great companies who are making a stand for sustainable parenting, and have made a commitment to taking control of how and who make their products. We wish to support companies who stand for fair trade principles and use the best available organic and ecological materials. We strive to provide clothing choices that have the welfare of all beings at their hearts - makers, buyers and wearers - and who firmly stand for production practices that have the least impact on our planet.

Eventually the wish would be to see this kind of clothing produced more in Ireland. For now, our range is sourced from three mainland European countries: Austria, Germany & Denmark.  

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Slow Fashion

It is a busy world and it is wonderful when we can provide some handmade items for our children, knit and stitched with love and care from loved ones. We have consciously sourced what we believe to be the next best thing in terms of lovingly, well made clothing from companies who are putting a lot of heart, soul and ethics into making great sustainable alternatives to the fast fashion industry. The items are made from a mixture of machines and humans in a fair trade manner, i.e. Slow not Fast Fashion

Organic Life Clothing is stocking only eco-conscious companies who are making all efforts possible to create beautiful, natural products, organically and sustainably, using fair trade principles. There are no harsh chemicals used for dying. The majority of products are at least GOTS certified, with many achieving highest organic status with IVN Best certification and Fair for Life. At the very least the recycled plastics are OEKO-TEX certified. 95% of fibres provided are natural & organic and everybody along the long production line from farmer to retailer is getting a fair wage. 

We encourage buying less and buying lasting, quality, natural products, reusing, re-cycling, up-cycling and clothes swapping. We also encourage using less or no new plastics, less manmade fibres and instead utilising the abundance of sustainable materials on offer from this wonderful earth.


Age/Size Range

We currently stock a full range of clothing and textile accessories for babies and toddlers 0-3 and sometimes up to 4. 

We also have a small selection of base layer wool & silks, pj’s and hats for up to 7 year olds. 

We have been getting many requests to stock a wider range for the whole family, and have been sampling some adult ranges. We will be offering these soon on the site. Please get in touch with us if you would like to be updated on our new ranges: email us

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