Popolini – Austria


A family run business, operating for over 30 years with a huge range of all things baby. Popolini are real experts in parenting needs, committed to sustainability and organic parenting ethics. They provide a great range for everyday essentials, beautiful wool-silk basics and naturally produced lambskin products. They are innovative and move with the times, including a great new range for ‘diaper free’ parenting support. 


Matona -Austria


A young, fresh family run business based in Austria creating timeless, classic cut linen wool and cotton pieces. Lots of space in these pieces for babies and kiddies to move, explore and grow. Timeless classics for playful dreamers. These clothes feel and look amazing. They feel like happy clothes!


Cotonea - Germany


An inspiring organic cotton brand making unique and tasteful clothing, with a touch of old world. Cotonea stand firmly for fairtrade principles along all aspects of the production chain, producing their own cotton material for their clothing and in full control of the production process, right back to the field. They strive to produce the highest ecological, organic textiles and clothing available on the market. Beautiful basics and muslin pieces.


Fred’s World - Denmark



One of the bigger brands in our range. I couldn’t resist their silky smooth bodies and their baggy Alfa pants which we all wish were available in adult sizes! Great for everyday basics and good quality waterproofs, impressively created from recycled plastic bottles. A fun and fresh brand very much with kids at the heart.


Pure Pure - Germany


Another stellar German long standing company making incredibly luscious clothing. They stand to their title, with exquisitely produced natural clothing pieces that look and feel amazing, for nature lovers of all sizes. Sweet woolen knits and soft, cuddly fleeces. 


Living Crafts - Germany


One of the bigger organic clothing companies, stocking everything from underwear, dresses and pyjamas to dishcloths, aprons and handbags. Living crafts are a wonderful resource for organic fanatics with a huge col-mdlection of everyday basic clothing and specialist designs at very reasonable prices. Great for wool silk pj’s/base layers and baby basics.  


Engel - Germany


A popular German brand, specialising in base layer wool and silk blends and wool fleeces, everyday essentials-once on never off type of clothes, especially wonderful for the cold winters. We are currently stocking a small amount of Engel fleece coats, pants and their essential laundry liquid.


Pick a Pooh - Germany


A fun and lively brand specialising in hats and accessories. Currently we are stocking a small selection of Summer/Spring Hats. 


Puri - Germany


A small German, Indian heritage company making sweet col-mdlections of baby items since 2009. Clothes are manufactured in small businesses in India operating with fair trade principles. Very delicate and gorgeously cut pieces for babies and toddlers. Stocking many ‘wool like’ knitted pieces, made from cotton. Great for anyone who needs warm wool-free knits.

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