Juna Sweater

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Juna Sweater

OLC favourite

I am a huge fan of Matona. I love their spirit and I love all of their clothing. When this collection arrived the Juna Sweater was at the top of the pile, teeny, folded-up, gorgeously cuddly wooly jumpers, literally jumping out of the box with joy. Although I am not at all a fan of the wearing of any plastics, the 30% contained recycled Polyamide, included in this sweater, I feel is magically cancelled out by the other 70% of natural materials and the love and dedication that went into making it. By far one of the cutest baby/child jumpers I have seen, very warm, well made and beautifully finished as with all of Matona’s pieces. A great find for the sustainably conscious consumer.

Super soft wool blend sweater with a beautiful popcorn pattern

10% recycled cashmere, 30% recycled wool, 30% recycled polyamide, 30% Tencel

The Juna Sweater has been made entirely out of recycled & sustainable materials such as cashmere, extra fine wool & Tencel (Lyocell). The contained Polyamide is 100% recycled from left overs from yarn/fabric production. The making of this sweater saved approx. 22000 liters of water, heavily reduces pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, textile waste and consumption of energy and scarce resources, translating into a much reduced environmental impact. Materials: 10% recycled cashmere, 30% recycled extra fine wool, 30% recycled polyamide, 30% Tencel (Lyocell: Cellulose Fibre from Gum Trees).

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Brand Matona
Material Cashmere
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