Organic Life Clothing Packaging

We are still in the research stages here, trying to find the most sustainable packaging solution. We are currently sampling strong and durable compostable mailing bags. Until we have the right fit here we are mailing out orders in recycled plastic envelopes. These envelopes can be turned inwards and within the next month light plastic recycling points will be available in Tesco stores.

Cardboard didn’t feel like the best option right now, especially this year. With the immense increase in online sales and home deliveries there has been a huge influx of cardboard packaging into the home. Compostable bags seem to be a lighter, more sustainable option. 

Within the envelope we sometimes use raffia strands - a natural and sustainable material. We are also offering organic cotton drawstring bags which can be reused, washed and loved for many things around the home.  

Supplier Packaging

Some suppliers send items in individually wrapped packages. The majority of these are on their way to or already using eco alternatives such as biodegradable ‘plastic like’ clear bags made from organic materials, recycled/recyclable paper packages and/or recyclable light plastics (where possible). Many suppliers send their collection without any individual packaging, just in a large cardboard box.    

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