Under Tank 0/0 Sleeve

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Under Tank 0/0 Sleeve

Sleeveless all-season vest

Organic fine-rib wool-silk blend

The sleevless bodysuit vest is ideal for every season, and with size-adjustable press studs in the crotch, it will grow with your child and last longer than regular body suits. Suitable for wear with bulkier cloth nappy bottoms. The thermoregulatory effect of wool, combined with the unique suppleness of silk, makes a very special blend. Popolini's certified wool-silk material is particularly suitable for sensitive babies and children's skin, it protects against cold and can help to cool the body down when it gets too warm. These Wool-Silk basics are beautifully smooth too touch and feel like a second layer of skin. Machine washable at 30 ° C, gentle-wool cycle, pull damp into shape.

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Brand Popolini
Material Fine Rib Wool-Silk
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